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Optics and Spectroscopy

- Spectrophotometers for UV-visible-NIR transmission and reflectivity analyses (both solutions and solid samples), both in specular configuration and by integrating sphere for the diffuse light;
- Solar simulator light source and equipment for analyses on photochromatic lenses;
- Variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometer (200-1700 nm) for measurements of refractive index, Abbe number, and/or thickness of bulk samples, monolayer, and multilayers;
- Instrumentation for photoluminescence analyses;
- Instrumentation for spectrally-resolved illuminance and photometric analyses;
- Refractometer for liquids;
- Contrast and MTF analyses on optical systems, such as ophthalmics lenses;
- Optical polarized microscope and fluorescence microscope.
- Ray-tracing optical simulation techniques;

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