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Areas of expertise


This area concerns the development and assessment of new optometric tests and new methods for the analysis of eye parameters and vision analysis. In collaboration with psychologists of this university, this area concerns also studies on visual perception.


Vision care: screening and eye examination

Vision screenings are carried out in university laboratories and in external builds, like schools, hospitals, sport centers using portable optometric equipment. Activities are also carried out in the framework of the occupational medicine to provide vision screening to the university staff.


Materials science

The main activities concern (i) the imaging for applications in optics, optometry, and ophthalmology, (ii) the characterization of materials properties by microscopic, photometric/colorimetric, and spectroscopic techniques, including the analysis of materials for contact lenses and their maintenance solutions, (iii) the study of the interaction between the solutions for contact lenses and cellular models from the points of view of chemistry, biology, and ocular physiology.



One of the institutional aims of the university is the continuing education: the center organizes specific courses in optics, optometry, contactology and it grants its own research labs and instrumentation for professional courses of the companies in the field.